Care for your tree

Real Christmas trees, like real flowers, will require a certain amount of care and attention to obtain the maximum enjoyment and longevity from them over Christmas. Even though our Noble Fir and Nordmann Fir Christmas trees are non-shed, it is also important that they are stood in water stands and not allowed to dry out. A dried out Christmas tree is unattractive and can be a fire hazard. Follow these guidelines:

  1. When you bring your Christmas tree home, keep it in a cool place, if possible standing in water outdoors, until you are ready to set it up indoors. Shield it from the sun and the wind. An unheated garage, or porch, or patio will do fine.
  2. Stand it in a water stand. When you buy a water stand, it’s a good idea to select one that is larger than what you think you might need. Remember that the butt of the tree will reduce its capacity by as much as 1 or 2 litres.
  3. Put the tree in the water stand before bringing your tree into the house. To do this, put the tree lying on the ground and make a fresh saw-cut, straight across the stem, at least 3 cms above the “base”. This fresh cut allows the tree to take up water easily.Then, still keeping the tree lying on the ground, put the water-stand on the base of the tree, getting it as near to right angles with the apex of the tree as possible. Do not hammer the stand onto the tree.
  4. Take the tree indoors and place it in the appropriate location. Then, getting someone to hold the tree vertical, adjust the screws until the tree is secure. Do not use force; it will prolong the life of your water stand. When done, fill it with water.

You will be surprised how much water your tree will take up. Initially, the tree may require 3 litres or more of water in the first day or two. After that, expect that the tree will require 1 litre or more per day, depending upon its size. Do not let the water level drop below the bottom of the stem. When that happens even for a short period of time, there is a risk that the tree will lose the ability to take up water.

Christmas tree water stand

Check water level daily

Christmas tree freshness

Proof that water-stand keeps your tree fresh. After Christmas you can put your tree to the “blow-torch test” to confirm that it is still quite fresh. Take the tree outside and direct a blow-torch at the branches. A fresh tree will not sustain combustion.

Screw-in stand

Some people set up their Christmas tree using a “screw in” stand. This stand simply screws into the base of the tree and makes it very easy for one to stand the tree.

Decorated christmas tree

Finally, do not forget to unplug tree lights before going to bed or whenever the tree is unattended.